Who uses promotions? That’s the question we try to demystify in this quarterly content campaign for RetailMeNot. In the Modern Deal-Seeker, we unmask and explain how recent changes to our social fabric have led to a completely new form of frugality – and what brands can do to harness the power of this new consumer mindset.
In the wake of the greatest financial recession in modern history, a growing number of Millennials and Gen Xers are approaching their finances in a bold, new way. The days of “keeping up with the Joneses” are over, being replaced by thoughtful spending habits built around value and an emotional connection to brands. Enter the new frugality – a seismic shift in consumer shopping behavior that’s challenging perceptions on who the deal-seekers and coupon-clippers really are these days.
As part of its ongoing B2B demand generation efforts, we developed this thought leadership campaign to expose a new reality that is in stark contrast with the general perception on promotions. Using a combination of paid, earned, and social media, we promoted this campaign among retail marketers and executives, strengthening the company’s image in the industry and driving new marketing and sales leads for business development. You can download a copy of this campaign's ebook by clicking here.
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