RetailMeNot is the world’s largest digital promotions marketplace. We partnered with their B2B marketing team to create a series of content guidebooks to help retailers transition to a promotions-building approach that is driven by data and insights.
Retailers have long used price promotions as one of the preferred tactics to lure customers into the stores and boost sales. But the process by which these are created is archaic, flawed, and inefficient – usually anchored in outdated historical data and positioned to meet comparables (i.e., same-store sales compared to the previous year).

Leveraging RetailMeNot’s expertise with real-time promotional insights, we set out to design a strategic framework that retailers can use to create promotional campaigns that work. In other words, a roadmap that allows them to create the right offer, to the right customer, at the right time, and on the right channel, thus minimizing the risks of unnecessary underpricing or over-discounting. These guidebooks not only offer an efficient framework to creating better offers, but they offer a path on how to implement this approach within their organization without disrupting their ongoing plans.

Each content guidebook was used as a quarterly lead-generation campaign, and were promoted across retail trade publications and key industry events. On average, the immediate ROI on these content campaigns was over 14X, and led to organic growth opportunities from newly-signed accounts. You can download a copy of the first guidebook in the series, The Path to Data Driven Promotions, by clicking here.
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